Sailing in the Bodrum Peninsula

If you are a sailor you will love Bodrum peninsula.Before you make your decision to buy a property in Turkey please read our article about Sailing in Agean cost of Turkey

Experience the ultimate feeling of escape and enjoy travel at its most liberating by sailing the Bodrum Peninsula.

Bodrum Peninsula is located near to the northwest entrance to the Gulf of Gökova, and faces the Greek island of Kos. Bodrum is the home of sailing in Turkey and with its bustling nightlife and convenient location is the ideal starting point for sailing along the Aegean Coast of Turkey.

Sailing offers a fantastic way to explore the beautiful coastline and allows a completely different perspective to overland trips, not to mention a sense of freedom.  Sea rhythms and the open air enhance your unique experience of Bodrum while allowing you to stay close to nature, offering the perfect balance of adventure, reflection and relaxation.

With bountiful sunshine, crystal clear waters, safe anchorages and hospitable people, this coast has a lot to offer.  Rich in natural beauty, it also offers some of the most authentic cultural experiences in Europe.

The deep waters of the Gulf of Gökova, on the southern shore of the Bodrum peninsula vary from the dark blue to pale turquoise, and the coastline is thickly wooded with bright green trees.  In the evening, the sea reflects the mountains silhouetted against the setting sun, and at night it shimmers with beauty.

Archaeological ruins and historic sites are also found in Turkey's southern coastal regions.  Many ruins and sites such as Cleopatra's Island, Knidos, Kaunos, Patara and Kekova can be seen directly from the sea. 

The climate of this region delivers sailing excellence with a season that stretches from April to October.  June, July and August are of course the hottest months. May and September are slightly cooler with a nice breeze and April and October still offer around 8 to 9 hours of sunshine a day.

The winds in this area blow from the north, north-west and average approximately 11-16 knots in August. During early and late season the winds shift slightly to the west with cooler fresher temperatures.

Whether you are looking to lose yourself in the calmness of the ocean, explore ancient sites, relax in the sun or simply just enjoy sailing, there is an exciting trip ahead of you.

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