Property market in Istanbul 2013

Property market in Istanbul 2013
Even though global real estate values have dropped dramatically in just the last 10 years, property in Istanbul has continued to climb in just the last three or four years – thanks to a very heavy investment market that is looking to cash in on one of the premier destinations as far as real estate is concerned on planet Earth.
Istanbul is offering an amazingly attractive proposition to everyone and anyone looking to invest in real estate right now. Not only is the physical location absolutely gorgeous (situated perfectly on the Mediterranean), but the real estate and infrastructure of Turkey has never been better. You’ll be able to enjoy amazing cultural experiences that you simply would not have been able to anywhere else – really transforming the way that you see the world, and the way that you appreciate your new real estate investment.
Investors have been flocking to Turkey for some time now
According to different research reports, the amount of homes sold all throughout Turkey (and this includes Istanbul property as well) being sold has exploded almost 20% in 2012 alone – and the number only looks to increase when we get the 2013.
In specific areas (like the capital of Turkey), property prices exploded almost 15% – and even smaller coastal areas have been able to enjoy anywhere between 10% and 12% increases as well.
At the same time, prices here in Turkey have continued to stay relatively low compared to other prime pieces of real estate across the globe – thanks to a number of critical factors. However, most are beginning to see that Istanbul real estate bubble is anything but – offering a rare opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a fantastic investment opportunity.
This is causing major real estate investors from all over the globe to come pouring into Turkey, snapping up a lot of dream properties just as quickly as they can. However, this should not scare off smaller investors that are may be looking to purchase a few pieces of property for extra income or even a couple of dream vacation spots – there are tons of properties to be had.
The property market is projected to get more and more attractive for sellers in the future
What’s most impressive about the property market in all of this scandal (in Turkey in general) is that it is finally becoming more and more friendly and attractive for sellers – those looking to actually sell their properties – and will continue to do so in the future.
Home values are already at some of the best prices that they’ve ever been in Turkey, but thanks to a number of economical factors they are still priced hundreds of thousands of dollars less than they would be almost anywhere else. This is creating a nearly perfect storm of conditions to come crashing into Istanbul, creating a wave of real estate investment and real estate excitement and that you just don’t find anywhere else.
Is it time to invest in property in Istanbul?
Though it’s impossible to tell you specifically whether or not now is the perfect time to purchase Istanbul property, the odds are definitely stacked in your favor. If you have been dreaming about owning a piece of property in this amazing nation, now is the chance to do so.

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